They Looked, They Thought, They Made

If you are looking at this website, then you are seeing the fine work of Austin, Texas based boutique branding firm LookThinkMake. Headed by Sean Thompson and Patricia Buchholtz, this visionary team took us from logo to business card to web presence in a few short months, all the while helping us shape our message and our business. Chris and I would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the LTM team for their long hours and dedication, and we’d both encourage you to seek them out for your local branding and marketing needs. If you operate a business in the real estate or home building field, you’ll see they have deep knowledge on that topic (and many others), and many satisfied clients – us among them.

You can contact Patricia for any business requests at or find them at:

lookthinkmake, llc 1502 West Ave, Ste. C Austin, TX 78701