Humidity in your bathroom – a solution

Ventilation fans in bathrooms have long been part of the building code. Often times they are loud, unattractive, and rarely used. In today’s ultra-tight homes, ventilation is becoming more and more important. A tight home traps moisture, and in a bathroom this is a significant problem. This moisture needs to be removed before it leads to problems in the air quality. Enter the Broan Recessed Fan/Light with Humidity sensor. It solves several problems at once.

Can lighting is a popular solution in bathrooms, and this fan looks just like a can light – you wouldn’t even know it’s a fan until it turns on. This 70 cfm fan only produces 1.5 sones of noise, so there is a good chance you won’t even hear it turn on.Recessed Fan/Light with Humidity Sensing

Bath ventilation fans are only effective if you remember to turn them on and run them for a significant amount of time. Broan makes this Broan fan used in a Custom Bath Remodel a no brainer – integrated into this unit is their SensAire technology that automatically turns on the fan when it senses a rapid rise in humidity. It also turns the fan off automatically, based on a user-adjustable timer.

We’ve used these units in the past for our customers’ homes, and we’ve been very happy with their appearance and their performance. If you are building a Rapid Bath or Custom Bath with us, ask us about adding these Broan fans to your project.