Homeowner Tips: Interior Painting

At some point, all homes need a little updating.  Sometimes a new kitchen is in order, other times a new coat of paint will suffice.  If you find yourself in the latter position, we’ve got some tips on making any room look its best.

  • Prep the room – Be sure to protect the room’s contents before you get started – it’s easier to cover up furniture and valuable items than it is to clean up after the fact.
  • Work with clean walls – Take a damp rag to your walls before you start painting.  This will help keep the paint where you want it and ensure it looks the best it possibly can.  Don’t skip this step with your trim, especially your baseboards.
  • Use painters tape & caulk – The best way to avoid that DIY look is to focus on the details.  Use the painters tape to line the ceiling (so you don’t inadvertently paint that, too) and line all baseboards and trim. Painters tape by itself is not enough, paint seepage can occur below the tape.  Run a thin bead of caulk along the edge of the painters tape, using your finger wipe the caulk down creating a thin film over the edge where the tape meets the wall or trim.  Let the caulk dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Paint your trim first – Using a brush, paint the edges of the walls up to the painters tape.
  • Paint your wall… then repeat – A roller brush is the best way to apply an even coat.  And while you’re at it – a second coat is always necessary.
  • Let it dry, completely – Give it a full night to dry and come back in the morning to remove the painters tape.

Being thorough with your interior painting can be time consuming, but any project done right can be enjoyed for years to come.  Good luck with your project and we’d love to hear about how it turns out!