Milk Paint

Humans have been painting things for thousands of years; Sherwin Williams is doing their best to “Cover the World”.  Did you know that the very first paint was used 20,000 years ago and was composed of milk?  Milk paint was a simple composition of milk, lime and colored pigment mixed together to create a first of its kind wall covering, or more accurately cave covering.  Yes, those tomb and cave murals were made from this simple combination.

Our favorite brand of Milk Paint comes in a bagBecause the mixture is so easy, the recipe has not been lost through all these many years.  In fact, it has had a resurgence because of its beautiful character, durability, and low impact on the environment.  RisherMartin has worked with milk paint on furniture projects in the past, but recently had the opportunity to use it on a beautiful kitchen renovation.   The paint, which literally comes in a bag, was mixed with water to the consistency of a modern paint.  It was then applied to the kitchen cabinets with a brush, being sure to sand between coats.  After three coats of paint were applied and allowed to dry, bee’s wax was applied over the paint to protect it from spills and cooking oils.

The finished product is a one of a kind look that is hard to describe.  Up close, it does not have the same texture or sheen of a modern oil based paint.  The paint takes on a very soft and elegant patina that complements the traditional cabinet design.

Because the ingredients are all biodegradable, there are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) being released into the air for the workers, and ultimately, the family to inhale.  The paint impregnates itself into the wood and dries rock hard, guaranteeing years of dependable service.  Not sure this kitchen will last another 20,000 years, but the paint won’t be to blame.

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Another view of the Milk Paint cabinets These cabinets were painted with Milk Paint