Jeremy Martin Named Finalist for the 2016 Remodelers Advantage Impact Award

The Impact Award honors one of the members of Remodelers Advantage Roundtables, a peer group for owners of large volume remodeling companies. Jeremy was chosen from among a strong list of Roundtables members by a highly esteemed panel of judges from Remodelers Advantage Inc.

The judging was based on four main criteria: business performance, continual improvement, savvy advice to fellow members, and generosity in helping fellow members succeed.

Remodelers Advantage president, Victoria Downing, remarked, “Jeremy represents the motivated, performance oriented business owner who thrives in our exacting peer group environment. In addition to striving to be at the top of the industry, Jeremy also shares knowledge, expertise and experiences with peers across the United States and Canada, with the goal of helping all reach their personal and professional goals.”impact award

The Impact award will be presented at The 2016 Summit in Kansas City, Missouri on October 26th as part of the Awards Gala, the largest, most prestigious award program in the remodeling industry. Good luck, Jeremy!