Austin Kitchen Remodeling

Do you like the way your Austin kitchen flows, but hate the way it looks? Do you want the latest trendy cabinets, professional stainless steel appliances and modern countertops, but don’t have the time, money nor inclination to knock down interior walls or tear up your foundation?

We’ve developed the Rapid Kitchen to meet this need. For customers long on inspiration, but tight on time and money, the Rapid Kitchen allows you to “yank and replace” your existing kitchen, provided that you do not move any walls, plumbing, HVAC or electrical.

We have streamlined every part of this kitchen remodeling process – from the initial consultation to the design and selection process, to the pricing and of course, the installation. Working closely with our trusted suppliers in Austin, we’ve pre-selected some popular kitchen remodeling materials that provide excellent value and lead times to optimize your investment and minimize your construction time. The Rapid Kitchen is long on style, short on hassle.