What is Pre-Construction Services?

RisherMartin’s Pre-Construction Services process is designed to minimize uncertainty and mitigate risk. We do this by integrating the client, architect and builder into one collaborative team early in the project lifecycle. Our goal is to concurrently develop a project scope that meets the client’s needs while also honoring the budget. We aim to cut out the frustration, time and wasted dollars associated with re-designing and re-scoping a project, which often happens when design is divorced from budgeting.

We start by assembling a team of trusted experts. If you have a project architect on board, we’ll collaborate with them throughout this process. If you need help selecting and hiring an architect, we’ve forged relationships with many talented local architects and we can help facilitate that process. Other key team members, such as structural engineers, surveyors and interior designers, may be integrated into the team, as needed, based on project scope.

Our Pre-Construction Services process aligns the key team members – client, architect and builder, and gets them working towards a common goal. It is a highly collaborative and iterative process, and is, in our opinion, the time when the most critical decisions are made. We work with you and the project architect to provide budgeting support and value engineering recommendations to align client goals with design programming.

We will fully assess, with our team of trusted subcontractors, the existing conditions of your home, to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the various mechanical systems present. We also address site conditions, such as topography, access, and other variables, like parking, which can complicate construction projects, often leading to cost and schedule overruns. We will evaluate the envelope (roof, cladding, windows, and doors) of your home to determine the functioning of this critical component.

Where necessary, we will recommend additional help from various subject matter experts, to deliver a thorough understanding of the existing conditions.

As design begins, we often see multiple concepts produced. This is a normal part of the design development process. We provide budget feedback very early in this process to help guide the client and architect to a solution that satisfies the client requirements within the stated budget. Once a concept is selected and the design further refined, working as a team, we will specify and agree on all the fit and finish items for your project. Our goal is to shape a project that meets our client’s needs, honors the architect’s design and respects the investment amount decided upon by the team.

Once the final design is locked down, we start to firm up the scope of work, product specifications, and selections. At this stage we facilitate all necessary selections with our showroom partners. With this complete knowledge of the project, we’ll be able to propose a fixed price proposal, construction schedule, and detailed contract documents. All of this project information will be captured in our “Cookbook”, a detailed binder of information necessary to expertly execute your project. It consists of detailed plans, specifications, selections, cut-sheets, shop drawings, schedule, and all necessary permits.

Our process places equal emphasis on design and budget and significantly reduces the probability that your project will come in over budget. Because we are a fixed price builder, we are incentivized to develop projects that can be built on budget because our interests are completely aligned with our client’s interests. We understand that completing a large-scale renovation or custom home can be, at times, stressful, confusing and frustrating. Our process is built to minimize surprises and maximize satisfaction with the entire journey.

At the end of Pre-Construction, you will sign a construction contract and your project will smoothly transition from Pre-Construction to our Production team. After building your project on paper, we will now build it in the field – what we refer to in our shop as “Think Twice, Cut Once”.