The term “Master Builder” used to mean something.  In this age of “general contractors”, there is a general lack of knowledge about the complex materials, methods and systems used to construct a durable, high performance home.

Enter the Graduate Master Builder.  The ultimate symbol of the building professional, the National Association of Home Builders Graduate Master Builder designation, is for experienced builders only.  This designation is voluntarily earned, not required by law, providing a benchmark of business achievement clients can use to measure builders.  This designation helps clients identify professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence.  To earn this designation, builders must complete a regularly updated curriculum of industry related education, have the proper experience, and pledge their commitment to a professional Code of Ethics.  When hiring a Graduate Master Builder, you can expect an experienced builder committed to delivering a quality product.  This designation truly defines what it means to be a residential building expert.

RisherMartin also carries the prestigious Certified Remodeler designation awarded by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. NARI certification is a challenging process, requiring extensive knowledge of the remodeling industry and a commitment to professional conduct. Even highly experienced and skilled remodelers find the screening and testing process formidable. A homeowner considering a major home renovation needs to know that the remodeling contractor he or she chooses is a full-time, dedicated professional. NARI’s certification program offers this assurance through its extensive screening and testing process.

RisherMartin is one of only thirteen Certified Remodelers in Austin. With the addition of this designation, RisherMartin becomes the only firm in Austin to have both a NARI Certified Remodeler (CR) and NAHB Graduate Master Builder (GMB)  and Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) on staff to serve the needs of both our renovation and new construction clients.

In addition to our Graduate Master Builder, Certified Remodeler and Certified Graduate Remodeler status, RisherMartin has, also, obtained the Certified Green Professional designation, which recognizes builders who incorporate green building principles into their homes. Classwork leading to this designation provides a solid background in building science, green building products and methods.

It is extremely rare to find a builder who has dedicated the time and resources necessary to become a Certified Graduate Builder, Certified Green Professional, Graduate Master Builder and Certified Remodeler. At RisherMartin Fine Homes, we strive to provide our clients with a higher level of expertise and service in all areas. Our commitment to certification is a demonstration of our dedication to this goal.